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CAQ Success Story
Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

Telegärtner Connects with Quality

When Karl Gärtner founded his business in 1945, he primarily concentrated on the maintenance of telecommunication equipment. The plug connectors (jacks) which were used in the telecommunication industry prompted Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH’s subsequent specialization and therefore laid the groundwork for its current success. Today, as a worldwide-acting conglomerate, Telegärtner dedicates its efforts to the areas of data technology and telecommunication, as well as to coaxial jacks.

Near Stuttgart, 230 employees are manufacturing components used in transmissions via copper cable, in addition to connecting and distributing components for light wave conductor technology, as well as high-quality jacks used in high frequency technology. The company’s expansive product assortment ranges from miniature internal jacks in the area of coaxial technology, to exceptionally precise connectors used in laboratory measuring instruments, and solutions concerning the transfer of high transmission capacity. Even in the area of data technology and telecommunication, Telegärtner provides an expansive service spectrum and possesses the competence to back up its services.

Quality Is in the Foreground

It goes without saying that quality is the number one concern for a company doing business in such delicate areas. After all, in Steinenbronn, located in Swabia, this company regularly produces and assembles up to 15,000 different items in a total area of 14,000m2. Certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001 are routine procedures here, just as is a quality assurance system which was already in existence in the early 1990s. As soon as products enter, they are inspected for quality.

After initial attempts using alternate providers, the company decided to combine forces with CAQ AG Factory Systems, located in Rheinböllen, and use their software for quality assurance. “The support and the price vs. performance ratio was – and still is – the deciding factor,” Oliver Jehlitschke, supervisor of the quality management, declares, explaining his choice of software. According to Mr. Jehlitschke, there would have to be another provider which offers the same expansive product range in conjunction with a similarly high-quality support system at half the cost, for Telegärtner to consider changing its successful collaboration with CAQ AG Factory Systems.

"Our relationship with CAQ AG Factory Systems is excellent,” emphasizes Jehlitschke. "And our company management fully endorses the software system as well as the provider.” That Mr. Philipp, the managing director responsible for the quality sector, is an advocate of the system provided by CAQ AG Factory Systems becomes clear when looking at Telegärtner’s extensive use of the software: Telegärtner possesses an unlimited software license – at the moment, 30 licenses are in use on a daily basis – and employs Compact.Net in its inspection data acquisition and management, as well as FMEA.Net, and QAM.Net in the area of inspection planning, and REM.Net for its rejection management.

Extensive Employment of CAQ Software

It is not possible to execute an inspection at the production locations using the CAQ Software due to the large number of employees and the consequent high individual demands. It would also be time-prohibitive to execute a meticulous discrete inspection of each individual component. That’s the reason why Telegärtner assembled a competent department in charge of quality assurance which evaluates inspection data and executes random sample quality inspections. 11 employees are in charge of product quality during entry and exit. These employees know that there are instances of high volume in the area of quality. “Sometimes we have up to 300 different items daily in front of us. And these items must be inspected for the most minute of irregularities,” a quality inspector adds.

In order to satisfy these high demands on quality inspections, Telegärtner decided to purchase CAQ AG Factory Systems’ Top-Service-Pack (TSP). In addition to phone and extensive Internet support, Telegärtner receives an up to 25% discount on software maintenance fees when participating in GFQ Akademie GmbH user workshops, licensed by CAQ AG Factory Systems.

Telegärtner utilizes these opportunities of training and educating employees in the areas of quality assurance software on a regular basis. Company representatives therefore have the opportunity to attend 12 days of training with free choice in topics annually without paying any fees whatsoever. Therefore, Telegärtner is sure to be up on the latest technologies and possesses the expertise required to implement them successfully.

User-friendly Tolerance

Telegärtner especially appreciates the open database structure. Due to this feature, and thanks to CAQ AG Factory System freely presenting the software, the local data processor specialist can adapt the software to fit individual demands. And if there remain questions – as happened with the customized database evaluation – the company in Steinebronn can simply utilize the support system of the Rheinböllen software provider.

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